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Just the summary of THIRTEENERS alone moved me in a completely unexpected way. THIRTEENERS explains so well how to form a fully functioning organization that I could hardly contain myself. Although now my business is mentoring young entrepreneurs, I found myself wanting to go start a new company just to enjoy doing one right. Thanks for giving the world this great book.”
-- Monte Pendleton, Silver Fox Advisors – Houston

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"One of the 5 Best English Language Business Books"

2015 Frankfurt International Book Fair

Thank you for your interest in the Soundview Executive Summaries 8 page condensed version of THIRTEENERS. It was an honor to be selected by Soundview as one of only 30 business books they chose to summarize in 2015. It is with their complements that I am able to share with you this outstanding summary.


Greater than 87 percent of businesses today fail to fully and successfully execute their strategy each year, because they overlook one simple thing: Relationships and the way they are managed are key. THIRTEENERS shows companies how to shift their focus from an 'individual value system' to a 'relational model' by challenging the 250-year-old economic and cultural value system centered on competition, control and domination. THIRTEENERS offers a radical new alternative for the business world - a trilogy of relational behaviors - that foster cooperation, collaboration, and co-creation.

In THIRTEENERS, CEOs and Small & Medium Business owners uncover the hidden and covert limitations that undermine and sabotage high performance.

"I specialize in mentoring small business entrepreneurs - CEOs and their teams to radically transform their thinking & actions to get their greatest work into the world" - Dan Prosser

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